Wednesday, February 04, 2009


wont be blogging anymore.

used to blog everyday when i first started. i wrote all my feelings. who i dislike, who i like. who irritated me, which teacher is good, gossips here and there.

but as i promoted from sec 3 to 4 den from sec 4 to poly year 1 den to year 2 den finally now, things have really changed.

i am no longer blogging like what i first started. blogging is like online journal. but i am not even blogging my emotions and feelings now. only 'showing' off wad i did.

and den i get so lazy to blog nowadays.

well, maybe i shld just 'blog' on my own lil diary everyday.


Monday, February 02, 2009

kristy's wedding

hey hey.. i am updating on kristy's BIG day. =D

the night was full of excitment and thoughts.


jasreel , yi ling, kristy and me! =)


The above photos were taken while on the way to the hotel.


entertaining ourselves while waiting for the ceremony to start..


we got tired of running around the grass field so we went inside and continued snapping. =D




lazing around at the pool of the hotel. the chair is so comfy with the help of the breeze. we stayed till rather late den we headed to Jazreel's warm and lovely house. i heart her house so much.

i hope my future house will be as comfortable and cosy. =D

her house is so hard to reject from going la.

i like playing wii!! =D

i had serious mucle aches la. credits from the boxing.. haha! i think ppl who wanna train their arm muscle can play wii.

okay, last but not least, wanna congrats Kristy, my first friend to get married. Hope you will be happy and have a blissful marriage.



looking at the roses, i thought of the poems that we had used to use when we were writing in our autograph book.

roses are red,
violets are blue
candies are sweet
and so are YOU.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

for u

Darryl, this is specially for you..

though it is 2 days late. but would like to wish you HAPPY Belated Birthday! =D

TKD peeps have spent 3 birthday celebrations with you since year 1.

first was during training.. (no pictures of it)

it was the start of our tradition to have cakes on our birthdays and playing with the cakes. we LOVE to celebrate during our training days.

2nd birthday was spent at the push cart. =D special right? haha! ppl want also dun have leh.


it was a quieter celebration as compared to the first year as there wasn't any smashing of the cake but you still have US to celebrate with u. =)

so, we've spent two of ur birthdays during your poly life. how can we forget your last birthday spent in tp right?!



i hope that you've enjoyed all the times and moments we (tkd kakis) have spent together.

Thanks for talking to me when i felt moody, piggy back me when i had injured my knee, piggy back me during the hell amazing race, making me laugh when i felt down and lent me your shoulder when i need one. thank you, brother. =D

i hope we can celebrate ALL of our birthdays no matter where we will be heading in future. =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


i dunno wad have happened to me. i just dun feel like doing anything at all. nothing motivates me.

i have tried to do the damn report but i have been staring at my computer for the WHOLE afternoon and i just can't get anything out of my head. what happened?

WONG LI LING, this is a group project, not an individual report. u better not pull the rest down ah!

i have been telling myself that sentence again and again. but i just can't get to the point. ARRGH!! what is this man?

i thought maybe playing a few rounds of the facebook games will make me feel guilty and start to do the damn report. BUT, no help

i went to read my newly bought storybook, Twilight to get my mood lighter but no help too!

i went to take a nap thinking that it will relax my mind. BUT! no help!!!

i went to eat dinner because i was famished as i didn't eat for the whole day so i thought maybe i dun have enough nutrients for my brain. but no

ARGH!! i am going crazy!

how how how? how to get motivation and get my stupid brain to work? its CNY and i am here sulking. BOO!

ciaos! will go back and try hard to do. hopefully. =(

Monday, January 26, 2009



this year's ang pao has really decreased. oh well.. no money luck for at least until the recession is over huh?

have been neglecting my blog for quite some time. i shall REALLY update. Been VERY busy lately.

i have A LOT lot lot to update!!

updating of tkd camp , (tts like so LONG ago right?)

open house!! (also very long ago!)

kristy's wedding (last fri)

and and and, a lot of complains.

Projects never seem to end.

shall blog tml...

i dun wish to go hse visiting tml. can i don't?? =(


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

emo mood

just back from school.

went to watch the friendly match with NP and NYP tkd and i've finally saw baygone sir. =D

can't participate because of the damn stomach flu. BOO!

Heard a VERY shocking news this morning when i was still lazing on my bed. can't believe my ears when i heard it and i can't believe my eyes when i read the news article online. i was badly shaken by it. GOSH! it concerns life and death, my dear.

after knowing the case, i couldn't stop thinking of the past. our secondary school life. classmates for 2 full years and what's more? same history class for the upper sec. you nvr failed to make me crack a smile on my face.

you may be cheeky and playful at times but i or rather all ur friends believe that you would not have done that.

The thought of all those funny and cute things u did, i can't stop worrying for u. what if ?

we will lose u as our friend forever?
we will not be able to see ur monkey face and stupid actions anymore?
we can't call ur intials anymore?
we can't see u in the streets and say hello anymore?
we can't see ur bride in future?
we can't see ur lil monkey kids also?

i really hope those are not true. u are one of the person who have made my secondary school life a happy one with lots of laughters.

kzp, if u happen to read this, stay strong! we will help u jia yo.

thank you uncle nick for the movie, sashimi , egg and salmon sushi. feeling really really a lot better. =)

sashimi is a better antidote compared to kinder bueno. =D

Ip man rox!! =)

salute him man.. haha!

gotta study for the service quiz tml! =(


Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm like so bored at home. didn't go to school because of the stupid stomachache.

Doctor sng said it's stomach flu.

she gave me 3 different kinds of medicines. how cool huh? 1 stomachache, 3 medicines.

i so hope it will recover as soon as possible because for the past 3 nights, i haven't been sleeping in peace. *crying like hell*

since i'm so bored and i dun feel like doing any assignments now, i shall update on all my activities.

31/12/2008 aka new year eve

meet up with maggie. =)


nice catch up gal!! =) i miss training with u and we were in the same shorty team. miss discussing about the bee huh? haha! i think u only can rmb the 'bee' la.. lol. more meet ups please.. dun go mia ok?

after meet up with maggie, went to meet my gls for bbq!! =D

venue: pasir ris park


nvr take pic with jeff and the 3 heads..


with morganie and hafiz =)


to the toilet to wash the food


grace and joel are showing off the chicken wings. ha!


3 musketeers in action!!


this is our bbq pitt. =P 2nd time using this style to bbq. its so fun using this style la.. because u can move around and steal other ppl's pitt.


eddie and syamil were trying their best to keep the fire going. that's guy's job!

while gals just have to pose for camara


and wait for food! =D


Fi Fi and plastic bag man..


jeff, u lucky man!


hafiz and his guitar. i like his 'fall for u'. aww... i wonder if there will be any guy playing a romantic song specially for me? *wake up from ur dreams!!!* *knocked seriously hard at my head.* ouch!

me, fi fi and hafiz


janice. fifi. hafiz. zy. morgan. joel. where is grace and jeff?


i am with adrius who is so firos. haha! wad a term man..


and i love that geek specs!


i am so hard at making fire. =D


hafiz and joel are eating in progress

who is this act cute person?? huh huh?? haha.. its jeff!! =P

after our stomachs were filled up, we started playing sparkles!!! woots! new year celebration leh.. how can we miss out sparkles neh?!



and do i look like a professional guitar player?? hahaax! action only.. oh ya.. the mickey mouse on my berms cute right? hee.. ling also have one leh.. ling, are u still wearing this black mickey mouse berms? carina said very cute leh.

btw, karina is a gal working beside the shop i am working.

next, after sparkles, i went to rush for the last bus to hougang to dar's hse.

haha! i was very very blur again. i overshot again. i bet sam, ruth and neth they all bound to say like NOT AGAIN?! haha!! this time round i nvr late for 2 hours leh.. 1 hour only... MUahahahaha!

i took the bus at 11.30pm. supposed to reach montfort sec at around 11.50pm and dar they all will wait for me at the bus stop.

but i overshot until 12 plus den reach the bus stop. so, i spent my new yr count down in the bus. -_-

when i reached the bus stop, darryl, gw and xi ting were not at the bus stop. i can't rmb the way to dar's hse and ur will think 'use ur phone to call la!" BUT! my phone batt went flat. how cool and how lucky can my new yr be huh?! haha!

so, i got very panic.. i went around asking the uncles and aunties at the void deck to lend me their phone to insert my sim card to call darryl they all.

and u know wad? my face got the "u r 1 those swindlers who will try to scam those innocent uncles and aunties handphones."

they kept directing me to the public phone which is of no use to me at all. i NEED to know darryl's no before i can use the stupid public phone right?! say until i pek cei the aunties also dun understand.

luckily this auntie at first dun believe me and dun wanna help me decided to lend me her phone. find her very cute la.. explain to ur in great details about this adventure if ur are interested. haha!

in conclusion, i've finally managed to meet my beloved friends. *phew~*

know wad? they were at the bus-stop before the bus-stop that i alight since 11.45pm. -__-

dun scold me pls....

the minute i saw their faces,

gui wen , xi ting and dar screamed:" wah lao!! made us count down at bus- stop!"

LL: "heh... ^^ sorry sorry... i also count down in the bus leh! haiz.. "

ok.. so after grumblings, we went to get soft drinks from 7 eleven headed to dar's hse.


the 3 pathetic friends who spent their count down at the bus stop. sorry.. ^^


the 3 gals plus mr kai lan on simon's phone

we decided to use self timer to take 6 consecutive shots. its so challenging!!! =D



dar with simon and alvin. =)


chips for the night. how not to get fat huh?


testing the red wine.. woots!!!


hardworking gals checking up on koryo during celebration..


while the 4 of us are engrossed in our card games. hearts. sometimes i wonder whether i am a gal or a guy. hahaha.


yeah!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~~ senggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!


toast to 2009!!!


nice!!! shiokness! how can we not have red wine during party??



and we go CRAZY!!

all kinds of games come out.. and how amazing my friends' drawings and imaginations they have.


we slept at 6++am. early right? *grins*

rushed to work straight after our mac delivery. so last min..

well, this is a long entry huh? i must say thank you if u r still reading this sentence. =D for being such a supportive reader.

i shall update my tkd camp tml since i wont be going anywhere else. have to stay at home. =(

stupid stomach flu.

my gu po asked me wad illness i am having, so i said " 胃伤风’

姑婆:‘ 啊?胃也会伤风的meh?"